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Does putting your authentic self  into amazing content  for your tribe feel overwhelming?

  • Discover how to organize your knowledge in a way that is most useful to your tribe 

  • Find out how to painlessly plan your content creation 

  • See that you can edit and curate your ideas

  • Lose the fear of content creation and content delivery technology

together we can create ...
books. web sites. journals. workbooks. communication plans. pdf booklets. course curriculum. social media calendars. workshop outlines. tables of contents.


Image by Gabrielle Henderson

I Can Create Your Content!

Want to write a book, build a website, create a communications plan, or develop another type of content but don't really want to do it yourself?  

You can share your wisdom with me and I will organize it into clear, concise, creative, and valuable content for your tribe.

Image by Amy Shamblen

I Can Help You

Make a Plan

Have all of these amazing ideas but no clue which ones to focus on or how to get them done?

You can tell me all about the things you want to accomplish and I will guide you to prioritize them and help you make a plan.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

I Can Provide 

DIY Tools

Just need a little help getting organized?  I offer booklets and classes that can help you build the skills you need.

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Image by Luke Besley

"I have a track record of getting too close to my own  work and getting tangled in the weeds. Once in the weeds, freeing myself takes a Herculean effort. Lucky for me, I have had the good fortune to partner with Elyse!
Where I'm weak (big picture organizing skills for one) she has superpowers.

She untangles my knotted up thoughts and gives them back to me neatly pressed. With her expert support and organizational skills shaping my work, I suspect I will become
a much more prolific and successful person."

Rachel Cornell, Author

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