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  • Uncover your limiting beliefs and build new one

  • Get clear on what brings you joy 

  • Start practices for lifelong growth

  • Know that you are exactly who and where you are meant to be


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My Life, My Way

"My Life, My Way" is a book for young adults who are ready to begin creating a UNIQUE path for their life. Simple exercises and entertaining stories take you on the journey of discovering your authentic self and teach you to use what you uncover to set a unique direction for an exceptional life.

You will learn what you are most passionate about, where your greatest talents lie, how you want to impact the world, what success looks like to you, and what brings you the most happiness. Numerous practices and tools are shared with you so that they may know how to use all of your self-understanding throughout your life.

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A Year of You

Ready to start living a life filled with less stress and more joy? Then this workbook is for you!
"A Year of You" provides you with simple exercises and activities each week that will inspire you, guide you, and help you to begin transforming your life.
The workbook is fun, the time commitment is minimal, and the results are magical!

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Finding You

Are you ready to discover your truest self and your best life?

Guided journaling can help you begin to free yourself from your bounds and live a life full of what brings you joy. Through journaling, you will became aware of your true self by beginning to realize that negative situations are opportunities to let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back from experiencing joy and by beginning to realize that knowing what truly lights you up inside will bring you the ability to curate so many more joyful experiences.

This guided journal gives you with the opportunity to reflect on the many situations (past, present, and future) that tell the story of you and reveal your true self. The prompts will inspire, guide, and transform you in your own personal way to the discovery of your truest self and your best life.

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The Strange Pull of What You Really Love

A self paced course on Udemy

During this course I will help you to discover your authentic self by guiding you to identify your deepest passion, your greatest talents, your desired impact, your beliefs about success, and the things that make you most happy. 

Knowing your authentic self is essential for living an exceptional life!

After completion of the course you will be guided to using your authentic self in making decision that impact college choices, career, and your entire life!

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The 2022 "Everyday Happy" Challenge

Are you ready to make your happiness a priority?

Then join this year's challenge!  Receive an email every day in 2022 with a simple suggestion to bring more happiness into your life.  Each suggestion is a quick activity for your mind, body, or soul that helps you to release what brings you down and grow what lifts you up.
Let yourself be guided to wander, connect, journal, create, cleanse, and play a little bit each day and watch your happiness blossom.
Challenge starts January 1, 2022 for only ten cents a day!

Make YOU your most important to-do in 2022!

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