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Are you seeking an education style
that celebrates your child's unique interests, talents, and learning style? 

  • Discover methods that inspire your kids to grow into the very best version of themselves

  • Find out how guide your kids to love learning

  • Let your kid's education transform their lives

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Let your teens build skills by deeply exploring topics they love.  
Unit Studies offer activities and assignments in a focused topic and cover history, language arts, science, and more.
ancient egypt. culinary arts.  ancient greece.  ancient rome.  baking. immigration.  us government. wwi.  criminology.  survival skills.  the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.  earth.  great britain.  native americans.  oceans.  supernatural.  the victorian era.  the middle ages.  the middle east.  vikings.  filmmaking.  fashion.  asia.  food and nutrition.  wwii.  the depression.  mythology.  architecture.  genetics. 

Unit Studies
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Inspired Homeschooling for Teens

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Unit Studies That Celebrate Your Teen's Unique Interests, Talents, and Learning Style

Be inspired to consider embracing Unit Studies for your teen's education.


Allow yourself to be painlessly guided through the process of brainstorming ideas, developing Unit Study topics, creating your Unit Studies, and organizing everything into a plan.


It will be my privilege to help you transform your teen’s education.  And their life!

Homeschool Activities for Teens

99 Activities They Actually Won't Hate!

Throughout my years of homeschooling middle and high school, I made it my mission to create learning opportunities for my daughters that helped them build skills in problem solving, determination, communication, kindness, and creativity while allowing them to feel full of excitement and joy. Some of the activities I came up with were total flops. The other 99 made it in to this book.

The activities in this book can be standalone or can be incorporated into other lessons you are doing. Some activities are quick and others take a while. Some require lots of materials and others little more than pencil and paper. Some activities provide detailed instructions and others point you in the direction to learn how to do them. Some of the activities will spark the interest of your teen and others are better left for another day. But I assure you that there are lots of activities in here that are perfect for your family!

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How to be Sure Your Child is
Getting the Best Education


create a philosophy that defines what the "best" education means for your family in this short online course.

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