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I Can Help you
Develop a Plan...

...because I am a great listener!

All of my past lives (from 1992 onward!)  trained me to listen to people's amazing ideas and help them to focus on what they really want and how they can get there.  From CEOs to dance directors to authors to anxious brides, I have heard what is in their hearts and minds and turned it into an actionable plan.

I can even take all of YOUR hopes and dreams and put them on the road to reality!

Let's Get a Plan Togther!

First, I want to hear all about you and your tribe.

I want to know how you help people today.  I want to understand their challenges.

I want to know how you work and what your talents and struggles are. 

Next, we can talk about the dreams you haven't been able to turn into reality.

What ideas do you have stored in the back of you mind?

What sorts of projects do you have half done?

What is sitting on your vision board waiting to be tackled?

Then, we'll come up with a plan.

We'll identify the one or two projects for you to focus on right now.

We will plan out steps for you to take action on.

We will identify resources that help you get it done.


And finally, you are ready to work!

Planning sessions are 1 hour and are $100.

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