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I Can Create
Your Content ...

...because organizing is my superpower!


When my daughter was in preschool, she was asked what her mother's favorite hobby was.  She said "spreadsheets".  And it is true.​  I love anything that lets me plan and organize.

I love learning all about a particular topic and then organizing it into something epic!  

From an American Revolution homeschool curriculum based on the libretto of the Musical Hamilton to road trips that incorporate every mode of transportation.  From weekly newsletters for stressed-out dance moms to a wardrobe management system for a professional ballet company.  From the website for an international film festival to the staffing process for over 2000 consultants. 

I can also take all of the amazing wisdom and ideas in YOUR creative brain and turn them into something exceptional for your tribe!

Let's Have a Chat!

First, I want to hear all about your wisdom and your vision.

I want to know how you help people today.  I want to know what lights you up.  I want to know how you envision helping even more people tomorrow.

I want to hear all about the dreams you have that you just haven't been able to turn into reality.  And what challenges you are feeling.

Then, we can talk about what you might like to create.

Have you always dreamed of writing a book?

Do you need a new website to provide potential clients with a place to land?

Have you wanted to create an PDF booklet to get potential clients excited about you?

Would you like to connect with your clients on social media or via a newsletter?

Is teaching a class something that appeals to you?

Next, I will make some suggestions for how we can get your gifts out into the world.

I will give you some options.

Maybe I create a piece of content for you.  Or a few.  Maybe I develop a plan for how you can do it yourself.  

I will outline how we can work together, how long it will take, and what it will cost.


And finally, we get to work!

Helping you share your wisdom. 

Image by Tim Mossholder

together we can create ...
books. web sites. journals. workbooks. communication plans. pdf booklets. course curriculum. social media calendars. workshop outlines. tables of contents.

My Creations

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