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About Elyse Hudacsko

I Am a Guide

I love to provide the spark that lights the fire of self-discovery.  Writing, speaking, astrology charts, tarot readings, and the perfect gift (my favorite!) are just a few of the ways I like to inspire others.  I spent a decade as a "guidance counselor for adults" at a Fortune 500 company and can now be found spending my days guiding my own homeschooled teenage daughters, my online tribe, and members of my community.

I am a Teacher

Upon finally admitting to myself that I did not find value in what the public education system was teaching my kids, I became a homeschool educator.   Instead of the "three R's", we focus on finding what feels good, noticing and wondering, becoming resourceful, being creative, and making a positive impact on humanity.  My desire is for my two smart,  beautiful, talented daughters to live lives that make them happy every single day.

I Am an Organizer

I love nothing more than to take what I have learned through study or  experience and organizing it in a way that will make the journey that much clearer.

I Am a Gypsy

In my life I have been a graduate from an Ivy League university, a computer programmer, a human resources executive, a pastry chef, a web designer, a preschool arts and crafts teacher, a couture cake designer, and the wardrobe mistress for a ballet company.  I am a lover of travel, yoga, dance, art, reading, soul searching, and the magic of the universe.  I have thoroughly enjoyed wandering the US,  Belize, Italy, Costa Rica, The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Ireland, Iceland, France, Portugal, The Caribbean, Canada, Spain, and Greece. 

I Am a Student

I am a lifelong learner!  Good books, courses, and mentors are constant companions.

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