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Finding You

A guided journal of self discovery


Guided journaling can  help you begin to free yourself from your bounds and live a life full of what brings you joy.  Through  journaling,  you will became aware of your true self by beginning to realize that negative situations are opportunities to let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back from experiencing joy and by beginning to realize that knowing what truly lights you up inside will bring you the ability to curate so many more joyful experiences.

This guided journal gives you with the opportunity to reflect on the many situations (past, present, and future) that tell the story of you and reveal your true self.  The prompts will inspire, guide, and transform you in your own personal way to the discovery of your truest self and your best life.

My hope is that through guided journaling, you will begin living a life in alignment with the things that bring you joy and will begin having the awareness to deal more calmly with the things that limit your joy.  

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